Ikke meget bid i Biden

Er det denne form for “change”, som Barack Obama har lovet de amerikanske vælgere? Washington Post kigger nærmere på hans nyudpegede vicepræsidentkandidat, Joe Biden, og dennes støtte til Irakkrigen.

Obama has declared time and again that he had the judgment to oppose the invasion of Iraq from the very beginning, despite political winds that gusted toward war. McCain, Obama says, did not. … In the days that led up to the vote on the war resolution, Biden and McCain stood together on the Senate floor, sometimes fighting against each other, sometimes fighting in tandem. They teamed up to shoot down an amendment by Sen. Carl M. Levin (D-Mich.) that would have forced Bush to seek further authorization before an actual invasion. … But in Biden’s closing remarks before the war vote in 2002, he also voiced a remarkable degree of trust in Bush. “The president has argued that confronting Iraq would not detract from the unfinished war against terrorism. I believe he is right. We should be able to walk and chew gum at the same time,” he said. “. . . I am absolutely confident the president will not take us to war alone. I am absolutely confident we will enhance his ability to get the world to be with us by us voting for this resolution.” In the end, Biden and McCain both voted for war.

Apropos: “Ekspert: Obama valgte den mindst destruktive partner”, 180Grader.dk.


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