Weekend-citat: Politisk korrekthed på højrefløjen

Nok er weekenden nys overstået, men dette citat er så rigtigt, at jeg ikke ville vente en uge med at bringe det. Jonathan Chait om det nyeste indenfor politisk korrekthed: Den evigt stakkelsgjorte middelklasse.

Democrats and Republicans have developed an exquisite sensitivity toward any slight against the white working class. Blue-collar whites now occupy the same position in American politics that people of color hold in the smaller political subculture of academia: a victim-hero class whose positions (usually as interpreted by outsiders) enjoy the presumption of moral superiority.

The victim-hero class is the object of competitive flattery and the subject of mutual accusations of disrespect. You can’t read a Peggy Noonan [tidligere taleskriver for Reagen og konservativ klummeskriver] paean to real America–“a healthy and vibrant place full of religious feeling and cultural energy and Bible study and garage bands and sports-love and mom-love and sophistication and normality”–without thinking of a junior faculty member extolling the dignity of Guatemalan peasant women. Bill O’Reilly’s [konservativ talkshow-vært fra Fox News] or Tim Russert’s [journalist på NBC, tidligere ansat af demokratisk senator] endless invocations of their working-class backgrounds are the equivalent of the campus activist who introduces every opinion by saying “As a woman of color . . . .”


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